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Spring into Derby Entertaining: Host Essentials and Fabulous Gifts

Spring into Derby Entertaining: Host Essentials and Fabulous Gifts

The tulips emerge, the verdant buds burst forth, the pollen coats your car in a putrid dust, and you know it’s Spring in Louisville.  There is a lot to celebrate when Spring arrives and the longer, warmer days make us all look forward to the Derby Festivities.  Many Louisvillians will be adventuring to parties, the track, or a combo of both over the week, and last-minute plans are par for the course. Entertaining for Derby can take many shapes: whether you are preparing for house guests, gathering with your crew for pre or post-track day libations (races are done around 7, so the night is young) or throwing a huge Derby bash.  Jones & Daughters wants to add ease to your to-do list and rabid Pinterest scouring no matter what shape your party takes. Our Host Essentials are your guide to Derby entertaining that will make the most of your time with guests.

The comfort of home and good company lead many to ditch the track and party at home.  The pace is relaxed and the parking is much closer.  Jones & Daughters’ special touches and necessities for your tabletop, bar cart, and home will allow you the ease of taking shortcuts without losing elegance. Shop our collection of Derby hosting essentials. 




Those gracious hosts who throw fab Derby parties are so appreciated by their crew.  We have assembled our most fab items of Host Gifts just for the hostess with the mostess!  Show up with a small token of your gratitude and a helping hand, and you are sure to be invited back. Shop our collection of Derby host gift ideas.

Special tips

Pre Mixed Cocktails

Everyone is always looking for the bartender at an event, and if that’s you, you could spend your party curling a cocktail shaker.  If you don’t love the guestlist and want to spend the day conjuring up bespoke masterpieces as a way to avoid small talk with your significant other’s annoying guest, then muddle away.  But for those who want to enjoy the party, go pre-mixed.  Also, our mixes taste great in a mocktail, and can take the average lemonade or tea to flavorful concoctions.  Shop our collection of pre-mixed cocktails and cocktail kits for Derby season.



Derby Menus

The food.  A lot of thought goes into what to serve at a party, if you should cater, what can feed a big crowd; it’s enough to make people decline to host. We suggest a little of both, purchasing some dishes and whipping up signature recipes.  Traditional foods like the hot brown and benedictine may come to mind when you are thinking of what to serve at your party, and this Recipe Collection has a mix of traditional and modern southern fare to give you plenty of ideas. Jones & Daughters also makes your menu easier with these food products. Shop our collection of Derby menu ideas.                                                           



Betting and Party Games

Betting at home will make you feel like you aren’t missing a thing at the track.  Don’t pick your winners by their silks,Twinspires has all the information and betting offerings you need.

Games are also a fun way to pass the time between races and grazing, and if the weather allows Outdoor Games as well.  There has never been a party that didn’t have a good story and camaraderie after some competition. Shop our collection of Derby Betting & Party Games.

For a guide on what to wear to your soiree, please see our previous post.