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32 Piece Magnetic Rocket Tileset

  • $30.00
PicassoTiles 32-piece Magnetic Tile Set No limitations!  Scalable to build as big as desired by adding more pieces to create a masterpiece. The rocket set magnetic building block tiles feature 2 pentagon, 5 right triangle, 5 isosceles triangle, and 20 square tiles to build the rocket shape structure or to be used in conjunction with other PicassoTiles. Magnet construction blocks are integrated add-on pieces that offer open ended possibilities of unique design structures to nurture creativity and intelligence. It's never too early to start developing children’s STEM skills from visual learning, strong sense of color, motor skill, geometrical shapes, magnetic polarity, mathematics, numbers counts, magnetic polarities, 3D architectural design, and structural engineering.  Keep children occupied for hours of fun, bringing peace and quiet time home.
What You Get
  • (5) Right Triangle Magnet Tiles
  • (5) Isosceles Triangle Magnet Tiles
  • (2) Pentagon Magnet Tiles
  • (20) Small Square Magnet Tiles