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Zizia All Balm

  • $18.00

For whatever, wherever, whenever! Meet your herbal swiss army knife. This full-body salve is not your average goop. It’s got a reputation for rejuvenating chapped lips, quenching thirsty skin, and pepping up those tired under-eyes. And, oh no, it doesn’t stop there! Rub this on your hands, elbows, knees, and everywhere in between, you can also use this formula for tattoo aftercare. 

Contains plant-derived essential oils.  
Made with organic ingredients and always cruelty-free. 
Squeeze slowly and gently from the top of the tube.

Staff Favorite- Olivia says, "This is one thing that stays in my purse.  It's my go to balm that can be used everywhere.  I use it as a chapstick, but also add it to my lipstick to make it more of a gloss."