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Charm School

  • $55.00

Chintz, ruffles, wicker, and skirts: old-school decorating details are making a comeback in a fresh, new way thanks to a crop of designers putting their own unique spin on the classics. Join Schumacher, the legendary design company, for a tour of spaces that meld an appreciation for the past with an eye to the future. This is the first book on ‘grandmillennial’ style – the viral term coined by Charm School author Emma Bazilian in a 2019 House Beautiful article. Using Schumacher’s iconic patterns, luminary interior designers illustrate how to breathe new life into traditional design to create chic, modern, swoon-worthy rooms to inspire and emulate. From cozy canopied beds to cheeky needlepoint pillows, it’s granny chic for the next generation.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 252