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Eight & Bob Hand Cream

  • $20.00

This hand cream is part of the Eight & Bob Les Essentiels range.

This Collection is inspired by the freshness of the exuberant notes of the orange blossom, pear and bergamot that bloom in the region of Calabria. The exquisite blend of Arabian jasmine, white musk and neroli will take you on a mysterious journey across crystal-clear waters reflecting a stunning sunset.

Eight and Bob hand cream is reminiscent of fleeting objects that beg to be caught and held. It conveys the most cherished moments and caresses your soul.


It hydrates the skin on your hands, leaving them scented and feeling like new. Essential oils of shea, avocado and almond envelope your hands, providing relief for dry, dehydrated skin.

The brand has created this range to surround you with objects that add a touch of warmth and pleasure to your everyday life. It’s all about creating special moments and connecting with the inner self.


Apply as much as you need every day to keep your hands hydrated. For even better results, use it after washing your hands and before going to bed so that it works through the night and the essential oils penetrate the skin even more deeply.


  1. Because it smells fresh and clean.

  2. Because it not only smells good, but it also hydrates intensely.

  3. Because, like everything at Eight & Bob, it is unique, elegant and exclusive.