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Momofuku Salt

  • $15.00

From the mind of the James Beard winner and Michelin star rated chef David Chang, Momofuku is changing the way you cook at home.  Momofuku Seasoned Salt is their answer to 10 years of flavor research in the Momofuku Culinary Lab. 

SAVORY- Savory Seasoned Salt is supercharged salt and pepper. It mixes kosher salt with garlic, tamari, kelp, and mushroom powder. Use it on grilled steaks and vegetables.

SPICY- Spicy is a flash of heat. It blends their Savory base with gochugaru, cayenne pepper, and dried chilies. Use it on shrimp, stewed meats, and ripe mango.

TINGLY- Tingly is a jolt of flavor. It is a blend of their Savory base with Sichuan peppercorns and citrus. Use it on fish, popcorn, and roasted vegetables.

 Each jar contains 4oz of Savory Seasoning.