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Stripe - Pink Pickleball Paddle

  • $70.00

Pickleball Striped Paddle - the perfect companion for passionate pickleball players who want to take their game to the next level!

This paddle is not only eye-catching, but it also packs a powerful punch on the court. The paddle is made with a lightweight but durable composite material, making it easy to maneuver while still providing plenty of power behind each hit.

The handle of the paddle is designed with a comfortable grip that will help you maintain control over your shots, even during intense games. Plus, the paddle's unique edge guard provides additional protection against accidental impacts and scratches.

Meets USA Pickleball Regulations
L: 16.5" x W: 7.5"
Carbon fiber and graphite blended surface for increased durability and strength
Honeycomb polymer center for maximum power and control